Shahin Vallée

Shahin Vallée is a Senior Fellow for the German Council on German Relations (DGAP) and the co-Director of the Geoeconomics programme.

Shahin Vallée

Shahin Vallée is a Senior Fellow for the German Council on German Relations (DGAP) and the co-Director of the Geoeconomics programme.

  • Research fields: Financial markets integration, Eurozone monetary and fiscal policy, the institutional architecture of EMU, EU integration, Germany’s role in the EU.
  • Professional experience: Prior to joining DGAP, Shahin has worked as an Advisor to the President of the European Council (2012-2014) and an Advisor to the French Economy Minister (2014-2015). Before, he was an economist both for BNP Paribas and then for Soros Fund Management, where he advised on international macro issues, global monetary policy developments and issues pertaining to the architecture of the international monetary and financial system.
  • Publications: His policy research has been published in leading journals and cited in media outlets such as the Financial Times, The Economist, The New York Times, Bloomberg, Politico, Euractiv, and The New Statesman.

Further publications

A. Peer-reviewed

“From demonstration to deployment: an economic analysis of support policies for carbon capture and storage” with Wolf Heidug, John Ward, and Robin Smale, Energy Policy Vol 60 (2013) (Pdf).

“Self-interested Low-carbon Growth in Brazil, China, and India” with John Ward, Cameron Hepburn, David Anthoff, Simon Baptist, Philip Gradwell, and Chris Hope, Global Journal of Emerging Market Economies Vol 4 No 3 (2012) (Pdf).

B. Book chapters and policy publications

“Planifier pour répondre à l’incertitude”, book chapter in Politiques de l’interrègne. Chine, pandémie, climat. Paris: Gallimard, 24.3.2022.

“Die Definition einer zukunftsfähigen Finanzpolitik”, with Philippa Sigl-Glöckner, Wirtschaftsdienst, 101. Jahrgang, Heft 7, July 2021. PDF availabe here.

“Sustainable investments and sustainable development: an epistemological one-way street”, report for Royal Academy of Belgium, April 2021.

C. Essays and reviews

No Alternative?”, review of and reflections on Fritz Bartel’s The Triumph of Broken Promises, Harvard University Press, 2022. Published on Phenomenal World, 25.3.2023.

“Eine widersprüchliche Bilanz: Das brüchige Erbe der Ära Merkel”, Theorie und Praxis der Sozialen Arbeit, 73. Jg. H. 2, Mai 2022.

“The Whole Field: Markets, planning, and coordinating the green transformation”, Phenomenal World, 30.4.2022. A german translation published at Politik & Ökonomie als “Aus dem Nie, ein Jetzt: Zur Planung und Umsetzung der Nachhaltigkeitswende”, 20.11.2022.

“The dog that didn’t bark: inflation and power in the contemporary capitalist state”Renewal, Vol 28 No 1. April 2020.

“‘Just do it’: The Economics of Belonging and the temptation of Nike Politics”, a review of Martin Sandbu’s The Economics of Belonging, Princeton University Press, 2020, The Progressive Post, 23.01.2021. Published at The Progressive Post, 23.01.2021.

“Onwards, but not via Beijing: for a democratic re-embedding of capitalism”, mit Mathis Richtmann. The essay won 2nd prize in the 2020 Hertie Stiftung essay competition. Published in German in Wirtschaftswoche als Lasst uns die demokratische Kontrolle über die Marktwirtschaft wiedererlangen!, 12.10.2020.

D. Press and other

"Demokratie und Klimawandel: Alles wird sich ändern”, with Georg Diez, Die ZEIT, 3.7.2023

Decarbonization requires new fiscal rules”, with Philippa Sigl-Glöckner und Janek Steitz, Project Syndicate, 25.4.2023

Wann sind öffentliche Finanzen (rechtlich) gesund?”, with Philipp Orphal, Makronom, 28.11.2022.