3. February 2020
On our own behalf

Grant from Open Philanthropy & Mathis Richtmann as new CEO of Dezernat Zukunft

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For the board of directors, Max Krahé

We are delighted to announce that Open Philanthropy decided this past December to support Dezernat Zukunft with a grant of €91.000. Currently run by volunteers, Dezernat Zukunft is using these funds to hire a full-time staff person, boosting our organisational and communicative capacity.

Open Philanthropy identifies outstanding giving opportunities, makes grants, follows their results, and publishes its findings. Its mission is to give as effectively as it can and share the findings openly so that anyone can build on them. In the area of ​​macroeconomic stabilization policy, Open Philanthropy supports organisations like the Peterson Institute, the Center for American Progress and the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. We thank Open Philanthropy for the support and the vote of confidence that this grant constitutes.

We are equally delighted to announce that we have recruited Mathis Richtman for the position made possible by these funds. Mathis is a young economist with degrees from the University of Göttingen as well as the LSE. He brings experience from research and the private sector, from teaching economics and political economy, and from documentary film-making and outreach to a wider public. We could not have wished for a better candidate.

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