18. Juni. 2020


19:00 - 20:15

Open House Webinar with Massimo Ungaro (Member of the Italian Parliament)

Title: Italy´s way out of the Corona crisis

Guest: Massimo Ungaro / Member of the Italian Parliament

Moderator: Mathis Richtmann

Description: As in some of our previous DZ live sessions, on Thursday we are looking beyond the German perspective. Our gaze is once again directed towards the South of Europe, to Italy which the Corona pandemic hit early on. What is the situation in Italy? How did Corona change the political discussion? And how is the proposal for the European reconstruction plan seen in Italy?

We will discuss these and other questions with Massimo Ungaro on Thursday (18.6., 7 p.m.). Massimo is a member of the Italian Parliament for the Italia Viva party and a member of the Finance Committee. He studied International Relations at the LSE, Development Economics at Science-Po, and obtained a Master of Public Administration in Economic Policy from Columbia University. We are delighted to host him, look forward to the exciting discussion, and invite you to take part.


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