21. Februar 2022

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Funding of Our New Economy (ONE) – EMPN

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European Macro Policy Network – Funding of Our New Economy (ONE)

With the funding of the Dutch foundation Our New Economy (ONE), we are expanding our European Macro Policy Network with a further grantee and another European country. ONE will receive funding of € 236,600 this year to provide economic education.

In addition to teaching and learning materials as well as workshops for students and academics, ONE will develop accessible explainers of key policy debates, of how current policy is being conducted, and of new policy approaches. These are intended for the general public, universities, and policy makers.

“It shouldn’t require a job at the IMF to learn how fiscal policy is actually conducted around the world or one at a central bank to move beyond the money multiplier. We are really looking forward to supporting Sam de Muijnck and Joris Tieleman in shedding light on real life economics and policy making”, says Philippa Sigl-Glöckner, Director and CEO of Dezernat Zukunft e.V..

The funds for the European Macro Policy Network were provided by the US-based Open Philanthropy Project, which entrusted Dezernat Zukunft with the task of passing on funding to other non-profit organisations in the EU working in the field of macroeconomics.

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