Valorising Work, Democratising Corporations

DEZERNAT ZUKUNFT The crisis has shown the enormous importance of human labour — in the care sector, in the provision of food, in testing-and-tracing, etc. — for maintaining our societies. But on a structural level, many of the workers in these sectors, who are disproportionately female and/or come from ethnic minorities, suffer from low pay and insecure working conditions. The … Read More

Universal Basic Services

DEZERNAT ZUKUNFT The Corona crisis has shown the vulnerabilities of market-coordinated, highly differentiated societies: brittle child care arrangements, limited community health capacities, sub-par elderly care, among others. Moreover, it has demonstrated that these vulnerabilities, while to a certain extent shared and universal, fall most heavily on the shoulders of the disadvantaged, and can vary greatly by region. One approach to … Read More

Onshoring Essential Industries

DEZERNAT ZUKUNFT During the COVID-19 medical crisis, dependency on imports compounded supply shortages of essential goods like medical equipment, masks, and pharmaceuticals which threatened lives. The web of extended supply chains built up through offshoring and globalization in recent decades proved brittle in the face of a shock. To reduce this vulnerability, key industries could be deliberately onshored after Corona. … Read More

Update National Accounting

DEZERNAT ZUKUNFT National accounting systems are the backbone of economic policy making. They express collective value judgements and guide political decision-making. Existing, GDP-based systems were already seen as questionable prior to COVID. Corona has conclusively shown their inadequacy. Besides their blindness to sustainability concerns, they conceal highly variable degrees of economic insecurity and resilience of (i) households, (ii) in essential … Read More

Restoring the Tax Base

DEZERNAT ZUKUNFT Through profit shifting, tax evasion, and tax avoidance, corporations and high-net-worth individuals conceal significant parts of their income and wealth. This impairs the tax base and inhibits the capacity of states to levy fair and effective taxes. Though recognised before COVID, this problem has become more urgent in the context of the pandemic. When public health requires shared … Read More

European Investment Authority

DEZERNAT ZUKUNFT After Corona, large-scale investment will be necessary to transition the European economy towards sustainability and resilience. How can we ensure that this investment takes place effectively, at the required scale, and with sufficient democratic oversight? To these ends, a dedicated entity could be created: a European Investment Agency (EIA). Its mission would be to plan, finance, and oversee … Read More

Boosting Monetary Policy Capacity

DEZERNAT ZUKUNFT State-backed emergency lending schemes have been among the most important tools for supporting small and medium enterprises during the Corona crisis. Examples include PPP in the US, CBILS in the UK, KfW-guaranteed loans in Germany, or BPI-guaranteed loans in France. However, even though most states quickly moved to guarantee 100% of eligible loans, banks often remained hesitant to extend new credit. Similar problems of non-lending in the aftermath of 2008 … Read More

Redefining Price Stability

DEZERNAT ZUKUNFT COVID-induced uncertainty in money and capital markets has led to large-scale central bank interventions in these markets. While quantitative and qualitative changes have been made to particular tools, by and large central banks have “followed the 2008 playbook”. However, these tools have contributed to increased leverage throughout the system, and have either caused further climate risks and entrenched … Read More