6. Oktober 2023

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EMPN – Launch of our Finnish partner organisation UTAK 

European Macro Policy Network – Launch of our Finnish partner organisation UTAK 

We are very excited to announce the launch of our Finnish partner organisation, the “Finnish Centre for New Economic Analysis” (Uuden talousajattelun keskus (UTAK)). UTAK is funded with 424.000 Euro by Dezernat Zukunft and part of our European Macro Policy Network (EMPN). 

UTAK is a progressive and non-partisan public policy think tank based in Helsinki, Finland. Its main topics of interest evolve around macroeconomics, industrial policy and the political economy of the welfare state.  

Lauri Holappa, Executive Director of UTAK, says: “The situation both in Finland, and in Europe more generally, is quite difficult. The overly tight monetary policy stance of the major central banks is coinciding with urgent needs to invest in ecological transformation and strategic autonomy. Swift changes in macroeconomic policy are needed.” 

Philippa Sigl-Glöckner, Founder and Director of the Dezernat Zukunft, says: “We are very much looking forward to working closely with UTAK at the European level. Lauri Holappa and Antti Alaja bring a wealth of experience from government and academia, which will be extremely helpful for innovative and thoughtful policy design” 

The EMPN was founded in 2021 by Dezernat Zukunft and connects teams of researchers, think tanks and educational organisations who work on improving the European fiscal and monetary architecture. It is supported by Open Philanthropy and Partners for a New Economy.  

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