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Funding of the Institute for Public Economics (IPE) – EMPN

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European Macro Policy Network – Funding of the Institute for Public Economics (IPE)

We are particularly excited about this grant: with funding amounting to € 460,500.00 we are supporting the establishment of the new Dutch think tank “Institute for Public Economics” (IPE) within our European Macro Policy Network.

Like Dezernat Zukunft, IPE will focus its work on economic policy and fiscal policy in particular. Among their first research projects, they will draw up a framework for fiscal policy in the Netherlands and develop proposals on the role of the Netherlands in European fiscal policy.

“Having had the benefit of in-depth conversations on debt sustainability indicators with Vinzenz Ziesemer, it makes us very happy that he and Jasper van Dijk are now starting up their own shop. With their experience at the Dutch Ministry of Finance, encyclopaedic knowledge of all matters fiscal policy and ability to explain complex financial issues in simple words, we couldn’t imagine someone more suited to develop new ideas on fiscal policy.”, says Philippa Sigl-Glöckner, Director and CEO of Dezernat Zukunft e.V..

The funds for the European Macro Policy Network were provided by the US-based Open Philanthropy Project, which entrusted Dezernat Zukunft with the task of passing on funding to non-profit organisations in the EU working in the field of macroeconomics

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